With regard to distance alone, half of our testers averaged within 1 yard of the target distance. Dave 7 years ago. I also believe it will help make you better off the tee with accurate feedback. As a matter of fact, I have one on the way to me as I write this. Regardless, an interesting concept to verify. I swing pretty much dead on and these numbers are dead on.

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Any data on the difference between shafts with different flex points?

The smartest guys place the premium on accuracy, while still others get so wrapped up in labels and paint schemes they forget about getting as far up the fairway as they possibly can. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Michael 7 years ago. The accuracy i gained along with the ability to work myoglfspy club along multiple paths for a variety of shot making has been exceptional to say the least. I have a Cobra ZL driver stiff shaft — 55grms that i swing at mph and a new Ping G30LS stiff shart — 65 grms which has a f20 shorter shaft and I swing it at mph — the Ping goes further and straighter.

Mybolfspy the other golfers in our test group, however, the consistency numbers range from above average to outstanding.

I have the G15 that I took out of my bag for the Taylormade Superfast 2. Jake Bishop 9 months ago. So…why are they overlooked…and why should you be trying this driver for your bag? Jun 6, 73 Comments.


Downtown Brown 7 years ago. I have found the quality brand of Ping to be invaluable, particularly when selling or trading up. Maybe they are on the right track too. I personally believe that in any order, they represent the best fairway woods that has to offer. I am not a golfer … not like some people have been golfers all their lives.

Kenny B 4 years ago. There are already a couple of replies to this same query on the forum posts. The very best players in the world, guys who hit the sweet spot on their driver as t20 as most of us would hit water after falling from a cruise ship, guys who routinely drive the ball to distances that some reading this would need two swings to achieve are playing drivers upwards of 1.

When the poorest performer is removed from the equation, our most accurate testers missed the center line by Tony believes that golfers deserve to know what’s real mgyolfspy what’s not, and that means MyGolfSpy’s myfolfspy coverage must extend beyond the so-called facts as dictated by the same companies that created them.

While shorter and slightly heavier 55g versus 45g is better for me, I would also ask golfers to consider demoing other driver heads.



You are absolutely right! Over the years I have had 2 Hole in Ones, and I contribute these to being confident with the club choice and the consistant length of each club selection. Now it was time to play some golf. I published the attached article 6 years ago.

Peter 6 years ago. The other is a V2 86g x-flex. Sliq 8 years ago.

PING G30 Irons – Longer and More Forgiving

Also, more difficult to mygilfspy the face, more ball spin, errant shots go farther mygolfspg line. Robert 9 months ago. Got a new old stock Rapture V R. I became a G15 convert after reading mutiple great reviews and it has proved to be the absolute best driver I have used. So if someone was ordering a custom driver and ordered it shorter wouldnt the OEM adjust the swing weight to be the same as the stock length?

The slower you swing, the more you need loft. We do the tests. Clay 9 months ago.