It says there are no filesystems that I can mount or unmount. So sudo does not apply. Pelo i mount it here, then i just cannot mount it on the remote box. Fezzler, starting up, it is an option in Bios and takes hours. I guess anyone who would know how to harm you computer anyways would already know how to boot into so manually. I’m having a rather large problem with apache I said the config stuff isn’t in httpd.

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The instructions are straight forward if you’d follow them step by step. I’m a gamer, programmer, tinkerer, hacker, etc. How do i configure my linux to root be allowed to open graphical softwares in users’ X? LiveCD works fine and my usb installattion too but all changes are lost after reboot. Ubuntu specific for Ubuntu.


Works well with Gentoo, kernel 2. Werkzeugver e h This means when you upgrade later to Gutsystuff works out better. I have about MP3s that I want to concatenate into one file, numbered There are drivers for injection however they only work on 2. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http: Ext3 or something else?


Hi – I cannot get WPA working on my 7. Has anyone here successfully set up Ubuntu on an Inspiron ? How does one go about converting movies from one format to another?? Besides, for me WEP cracking did only work like this — but then knoppux any problems: I already have ubuntu on the computer because I couldn’t get windows to install.

Wlgv2 download firefox

I have not tried running x with 1MB shared memory but instead 8MB which works great. I’m the maintainer of the actual software. Read the tips at https: You have to somehow recompile the kernel, and make sure to activate: Schalken, i cut my teeth on slackware — but realized how awesome ubuntu is.

The Ubuntu pastebin is at http: The stuff you’re interested in will be in sites-available.

I’m taking it wouldn’t work too well for large things like GIMP. I have a question about privileges – is knoppi possible to give users the ability to install things with synaptic, without giving them everything else that goes with sudo?


After patching, all of the various attacks fragementation, chopchop, arp replay, fakeauth work fine with aircrack-ng.


Linksys Windows XP driver from ftp: ThinkBox, never tried anything with 3d acceleration, i’m a webdeveloper and i’m not a normal gamer: Things may appear failing when they are actually working:. Any ideas for concatenating these files? Most ethernet cards should work.

Marvell Technology Group Ltd. Another question, is there a livecd available or a way to get a livecd which runs linux media centre and Ubuntu Server edition?

It can be daunting at first, but there is a ton of software knlppix written for it. Thanks for the suggestion though.

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