SAE J is a standard for communications between a computer and a vehicle. This pass-thru device translates messages sent from the PC into messages of the protocol being used in the vehicle ECU. Otherwise it will be impossible for the PC application to find the functions in the DLL when performing the linkage. Therefore any device can be used for programming any vehicle regardless of the manufacturer. Most modern cars can now be reprogrammed using the J standard.

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Consult OEM website guidance for minimum Internet connection specification requirements. It supports most of vehicle communication protocols and can be used This can create EMI electromagnetic interference. The J hardware interface should be able to provide a supply voltage between 5 and 20 volts to the J connector. The functions in the J tool are linked to a corresponding function in the application.

Increase Pass-Thru programming efficiency. You may also like. Leave computer on with internet and pluged VCI cabl First, determine whether the vehicle needs to be reprogrammed.

There is an installation reference included – but. Most programming issues are caused by voltage stability problems during programming.

J2534 Programming: What You Need To Do It Yourself

Complete scan tool set with everything shown in the pictures. Paswthru products and services enable this without the need for separate, expensive OE tools for each brand.


Drew Technologies continues its tradition of providing the most validated J devices on the market. The intention is that every J tool should to be capable of communicating with all protocols supported by the J standard.

This command includes information j25344 which protocol to use, standard or extended CAN identifier or if ISO is used. Each manufacturer of a hardware tool has a DLL-file with a unique name.

Not all pass-thru devices are the same. The vehicle manufacturers programming application is not dependant on the hardware connection. Before you begin programming, connect your battery maintainer to your vehicle battery.

The customer’s PC is not under the control of Autologic Diagnostics at any stage. Contact your pass-thru device manufacturer or refer to the pass-thru device software troubleshooter for assistance. Treat them with great care. This is a low-cost, high-performance vehicle network interface that connects a laptop directly to the Bus You’ll find details on reflashing for each automaker, tips to get started, OEM links with application information, paesthru subscription costs.

Performs the standard PassThru J functionality. J supports the following protocols: Studies indicate that 7 out of 10 vehicles on the road require a calibration update. The connection and initialization gives the hardware tool information of which protocol that is used.


This application will have complete information of the ECUs that are supported by the application. A New Twist Keith Clark. Contact our DrewTech sales team via Introduction J is a concept that enables flash programming of an emission related ECU regardless passrhru the communication protocol that is used by the ECU.

If their vehicles only use i. Getting the initial mechanics of the process can be challenging, but with practice, attention to detail, repetition, and continual reading to stay updated on procedures, it can become as easy as building a 4L60E. If an OEM cannot retroactively implement the J pass-through reprogramming solution with or without special cables, they must pasdthru available to equipment pasthru tool companies any information needed to develop aftermarket equivalents of their OEM-specific reprogramming hardware and software.