After talking with an HP rep and he gave me my options I determined it would be easier and cheaper to go to my local Office Max and get a new printer. If you let the smoke out of a component, chances are it will not work again. There was and still is so much gunk in there, it’s hard to know where the machine ends and the gunk starts, like “Aliens”. I understand that you want the Manual for Officejet d All-in-One. Disconnect the power cord from the product. Could you let me know whether the printer’s power cable is connected directly to the wall jack Three Prone Power Outlet or to any of the surge protector?

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It’s worth a thousand words. Here’s a link to this great service Good luck! By the way I was curious if most foficejet the scanner failures occured in smoking environments cause thats what mines in. Does anyone know how to bypass this error or sensor? I will send you a copy of the chat interaction. Or what happens if you use an older slower usb port to send the data. Anyone find a fix yet?

HP officejet d135

Both models I was able to fix by taking them apart and cleaning the place where the print heads rest when the unit is not printing. The error displays for scanner hardware or power issues, such as officfjet scanner bar jam or calibration issue, low scanner bulb temperature, or an internal or external electrical problem.


Good luck to all with the D, mine is history. I have had that issue since right after getting the machine.

This whole business with our HP has been kicking around for a long time. Some side-to-side rocking may be necessary before it will disengage.

SOLVED: Hp officejet d displays message scanner – Fixya

The ofcicejet assembly will now “flop” freely, so steady it while removing the four screws on the underside. And one reason wireless setup went well is that I added the MAC address scab the printer to our router before I even turned on the printer.

David – I have never found anything showing how to take the d down to the bowels I know that it sounds like the power supply ofvicejet shot, but then for some reason the thing will work again.

System File Checker sfc scan will replace corrupt or missing system files on your computer. Can’t connect with scanner, red light keeps blinking – some suggest removing and cleaning the glass; I’ve tried without success and am afraid I may break something if I use force.

I hope somone has a fix otherwise I’ll have an anchor too and have to get a new unit myself.

After removing the scanner top and all the screws, you have to find release points that snap the case together. Despite trying everything from plugging it into a wall socket instead of a power stripremoving and reinstalling the software on my PC several times, and doing 3, 6 and 9 partial, semi-full and full resets, it still doesn’t work.

I understand the necessity. Reading through the posts I learned and this makes sense that the cost of this service is basically out of the question given the price of a new unit.


It would read basically zero when it should be around 30V. With nothing on the scanner glass, lift the wcan lid a bit then watch to see the scanner bar moves when you ask it to scan or copy. William, I do understand that this is a hardware issue.

I have the HP OfficeJet and it seems to have the same problems at this d Is it useful for you? I think my black is now printing a bit better, but scaan my machine is still printing poorly – time for a new machine.

HP scanner failure is the most common issue people are facing nowadays.

HP officejet d | FixYourOwnPrinter

Remember, you run the chance of ruining your print head so only do this if the print head is going to need to be replaced anyway! During h procedure scanner mechanics are checked for proper function and optics are measured to work within given values. And, I still have a wife after 39 years!

If the problem is not solved, the head s will have to be replaced. I ofvicejet going to hurt anything if I broke it since it didn’t work anyways so I did not really care.