Basically, I am looking for something that picks up natural, accurate, and detailed sound across the whole spectrum. Got it to work. So if these including the Zoom H4n are equal in Linux support, which would be of higher quality? Anyway I doubt you can get a greater bandwith with usb 1 at 24bit. I would love this unit so much if I could plug this http: What are the chances of that? The advanced mode is supported in Linux.

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I am on Fedora 8 since the etx driver is crap; literally: It is where kernel sources are supposed to be. Hello Andjarnic, I don’t know what is the kernel version in 8.

Your computer might not turn off the USB power unless you shut down completely. For the benefit of others, could a FAQ link be featured more predominantly on this site?

Alsa Opensrc Org – Independent ALSA and linux audio support site

My system does not have FireWire, so I cannot use it, but that is good to know if I have the opportunity to buy or recommend an interface for a system that does have FireWire. Once that’s done, run this command: Thank you very much.


I’m running Ubuntu 8. If the UA is the only device of your computer, you can address the device using the plughw: But whatever errors you get, don’t hesitate to ask the question here or google it a bit. Can you record two channels at a time only? Please point me to how to get this working if it is doable.

The Rode NT2 looks like a good choice.

linux-audio-user – Edirol UA Any issues?

I figured out my ALSA edirop is 1. If so, I can try to test anything. Here’s a bit of weirdness- In a fresh karmic, fully updated with nothing but media codecs installed: I have a 2. FortunatelyAlsa offers a variety of features and pluginswhich emulate at software level the missing features.


Also, if you’ve got a moment, how do I ensure that I compile my “kernel to activate the module snd-usb-audio”? I just found the http: I’d really like to have ALSA 1. I thought I read somewhere that the ua worked, but no success Does any sound work? Does anyone have any suggestions?

Full-duplex mode The Edirol UA is a half-duplex device, which means that it cannot play several sounds simultaneously. Linux – Newbie This Linux forum is for members that are new to Linux. Beyond that levels and mic placement for optimum results.


Edirol UA-25

I do not know C well enough to create any significant amount of new code, but I can hack a few things in it, such as making changes to hard coded arrays in ALSA drivers to recognize a new device and have it run existing code. Is that close enough?

It looks like I can adjust all of the levels on the Alesis iO 2. In the following example, Advance button is set to ON, and sample rate is 48 Khz.

You can avoid it without any risk. So I unplugged it, set it to Advanced, then replugged it.

I haven’t plugged it in yet. I now get much better results. In reply to this post by Clemens Ladisch.