This quality comes with a price though. I’ve done the other printer addition steps using the ip address other windows machines use in our office. The next thing I know, he offered to send me a Color Laser Printer c to evaluate. Mar 14, 2: So you don’t have to check this every time the set that Profile as the Default.

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The time now is Fix for the ‘Dell c Laser Printer’ driver issues on Mac OS X Troubleshoot: Several types of paper media can be used, such as envelopes and a variety of different types of paper.

Stan has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a graduate degree in educational psychology. That was strange, considering the printer never actually moved any paper out of its paper tray. Stan Horwitz Stan Horwitz was born and raised in Philadelphia.

Fix for the ‘Dell c Laser Printer’ driver issues on Mac OS X

In fact, this printer is easier to set up from Mac OS X then from Vista, just by using a web browser. This quality comes with a price though. Even though the initial printer Dell sent me was a dud, I have to give kudos to Dell for providing me with first-class technical support and offering to give me this printer in the first place.


Message was edited by: Any help much appreciated. Mar 14, 2: Then try to restart the Mac system and then Check it is working or not:: So you try to uninstall them and then re-install them.

Posted on Mar 14, Unfortunately, the discussion told about how to install onto OS Just follow this procedure to connect it with your mac 1 check your laser printer 2 it must be in accurate state 3 now install laser printer driver in your mac 4 connect printer with your mac 5 now change its setting from mac control pannel 6 than your will be able to run it good bye. After you know this you can actually log into the printer from your web browser to change any settings.

Download Dell 1320C Driver for Windows, Mac OS X

Hardware Review by Stan Horwitz. Name the printer “color laser” or whatever you’d like it to be.

I fired up Safari on my Mac Pro and I typed I have the correct IP address for the printer. On the next screen you must select Sheet Feeder is as an option. Aug 5, 9: Jul 8, 8: Kenichi Watanabe Kenichi Watanabe.

Download Dell C Driver for Windows, Mac OS X

I followed all your instructions and the printer appears in the list in the Print Dialogue Box, but it will not print – it says “unable to connect to printer”. As soon as I did that, I was prompted to enter a userid and password.


The booklet provided step-by-step directions on how to use the included software to set up the printer on my network. Then check the power connection of your printer too. I can print just fine using the laptop after installing my drivers that came with the printer. Ask a question Reset. This printer is great.

Fix for the ‘Dell 1320c Laser Printer’ driver issues on Mac OS X

I loaded some standard 8. My goal was to set this printer up on the network in my office at work to allow my colleagues and me to print to it remotely.

As soon as the printer arrived at my office, I unpacked it and attempted to set it up.