Typically you do this using options on the configure command line. This requires that the developer creates database tables to store user information, along with code to gather and process this data. A Complete installation installs all the available files. DSN information can be user specific, system specific, or provided in a special file. Fixed NullPointerException when converting catalog parameter in many DatabaseMetaDataMethods to byte[] s for the result set when the parameter is null.

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Within Microsoft Word, this facility is most useful when importing data for mailmerge, or for tables and data to be included in reports.

Added maintainTimeStats configuration property defaults to truewhich tells the driver whether or not to keep track of the last query time and the last successful packet sent to the server’s time.

This includes code for the membership provider, role provider and profile provider. Prepare the callable statement by using Connection. The default database for all statements will be the test database. Obtaining information about a driver and data source. The Complete option installs all the available files, including debug and utility components.


A progress bar will be shown indicating the installation progress. Execute the CallableStatementand retrieve any result sets or output parameters. The Driver Manager is a library that manages communication between application and driver or drivers.

This builds and places the libmyodbc At this point you are ready to use the MySQL database to store session data. After you set all settings and test the connection, press OK. Dates and return the correct values for getString. This builds and places the libmyodbc If set to false the defaultDatabaseMetaData. Driver’ class name is also usable to remain backward-compatible with MM.

Bug Errors in parsing stored procedure parameters [fixed]. This displays the New File dialog:.

VB6 -> MySQL Connect – old topic new issue-VBForums

I suppose you are running your code on a 64bit system right? Create a simple model.

NET Framework and Mono. Early work done to support more secure passwords in Mysql 4. Once the ODBC connection has been opened within Crystal Reports, you can browse and add any fields within the available tables into your reports.

The default header file path is conhectionstring to be C: If you have applications that rely on this functionality, and can not upgrade them to use the official Unicode character support in MySQL server version 4. NET Connectipnstring Framework is beyond the scope of this manual.


With all of that said, when I start the app in Visual Studio, I open the dropdown for user and the usernames populate. Added TimeSpan code in parameter. For most purposes the Standard Report wizard should help with the initial creation of a report.

This represents a burden on the developer, and there is the possibility for security issues to creep into the developed code. Click Next to start the installation.

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Executing this as a statement would generate an error. This creates a build directory in the current directory, where all build output will go. If you have problems importing data into Microsoft Excel, particularly numeric, date, and time values, this is probably because of a bug in Excel, where the column type of the source data is used to determine the data type when that data is inserted into a cell within the worksheet.