Mouse Double click the grid in the right side of the upper screen to calibrate the double click speed and its interval. Scanning the same bar code again will be prohibited as long as the scanning continues for the preset number of times. System This applet is used for displaying and setting parameters concerned with the internal system of the terminal. V9 Wireless Bluetooth 4. Executes automatically application at time of reset on the terminal.

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If there is a bar width smaller than a certain value, it will be bonded to the fore and aft data, and the noise eliminated.

This auto brightness dimming mode is operable only during battery pack is used as the power source. State in that the terminal is running or application is running on the terminal. Specify time period in second for starting roaming again. The setting values adjusted must be registered in the registry. Enable the checkbox of event you wish to set up the sound enabled. PassKey exchange is required for Bluetooth connection when encryption is set enabled.


Displays screen showing information in detail about the partner station. When headphones are being used, playback from the speaker is halted. 33033 rate This adjustable slide is to set an interval between repeating key entries. Pastes document specified for cut or copy.

A password can be set at the control panel. They seem well made us sound fine. Encryption is executed using a link key generated after PassKey exchange and a cipher key generated from a bit random number. RAM is not backed up.

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Setting on the sound volume can be checked by clicking the triangle button for each event. In case where the communication is interrupted, carry out the normal Bluetooth interruption process using the Bluetooth tool or in application and then retry to establish the same connection for communication.

WakeOn Bluetooth Function The terminal in suspend mode can be put into resume mode by communication initiated by the partner Bluetooth equipment.

The scanning result will be output to the application. This setting is valid only when the power source is provided by battery pack. Power This applet is for setting the power management options.

This sends out an equipment search radio wave and captures information from Bluetooth equipment operable in the vicinity. Becomes data when there is no check digit note Table. Here, the partner Bluetooth equipment also must support the encryption. Set all information about a phone number and then click Finish button. Step Scan This method is for scanning a designated number of bar codes.


Minimum digit on Interleaved 2of5 The no. Enable password protection at power-on Enable the checkbox if password input is required when the terminal starts up. After receiving the task mail, the terminal disconnects the Bluetooth connection. Power by the battery pack is being supplied.

Adjusts double click speed. Utilities The utilities listed in the table below are mainly used as a co-process or auxiliary program 33003 user applications.

In the dialog screen, specify a file name in Name field and its file format in Type field. A Deletes 1 sub to the left. Input Command Line Screen Fig. Delete Button This button deletes the specified color scheme in Scheme field. A sound volume also can be set up using Win32 API function in application.