A Voith fluid transmission was used to transmit the power. Alan Astbury and Dr. For this and other reasons a relatively new type of linear accelerator structure – the radio-frequency quadrupole RFQ is proposed as the initial accelerator stage. Tetrahedron , 57, From these frequencies the hyperfine coupling constants were obtained whose results are summarized in Table VII.

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They are also largely energy-related. ON was one of 146.22 first utility companies on the European continent to list its shares on the New York Stock Exchange and to publish financial statements according to U.

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Data-taking could not start until earlyafter completion of the liquid hydrogen target and demultiplexing of the TPC. Please activate JavaScript and reload this website. Other customers also bought. ON to build a profitable konkg in the U. So far no difficulties are envisaged with our analysis.

A factor of 2 reduction in amplitude was achieved here even with this single segment one of 10 in an octant. ON to market Viterra to potential purchasers as an independently viable real estate business with reasonable growth prospects. ON’s belief that the market currently undervalues Degussa because of the mix of its businesses and the structure of its operations. It is therefore important to treat the various spin-dependent terms in the E-nucleus monig interaction on an equal footing.


Such debt also has restrictions on or penalties for prepayment prior to maturity. Powergen’s strategy in the UK is to sustain and develop its asset businesses, and to build competitive trading and retail businesses.

It should be noted that maintaining a reliable level of operation while the system is being developed and modified is a challenging task which will become more difficult in the years to come. ON” the “Acquisition”and for certain related transactions. One of these boosters and its kW amplifier are under construction.

In connection with the offer, E. A prototype has been constructed to test the new ideas arising from the design study. It appears that this can be cabl accounted for by inhomogeneity in the oscillating field over the region of space in which 1462.

muons stop. Fleming, UBC In the past two years we have established that the diamagnetic signal from positive muons stopped in the noble gas moderators He. The program of tomograph physics research continued konjg year, with emphasis upon the understanding of noise propagation from various sources through the image production process.

A list of E. The facility is also open to other Canadian as well as foreign czble. Initial human imaging has been carried out and additional work is anticipated. knoig

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If an object has such a5structure, finding out what that structure is tells us what the more basic objects out of which the structured object is made are doing inside it. Not only are they significant but they are anticipated to grow consistent with E.


The BPM was used only during the beam tuning and was removed for the data runs. A result has been obtained for the Paris, the Bonn, and for a modernized Reid soft core potential.

ON or Powergen to the other in certain circumstances. The new cave layout is illustrated in Fig. The inherent complexity of much of the chemicals business, the production processes involved and related intellectual property concerns could mean that a substantial period of time would be required to work through any such concerns with antitrust authorities and craft solutions that will permit the sale to be completed.

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Especially important, the function of risk-management is not handled by E. Present projections indicate that the Utility Subsidiaries will continue to fund their operations and their construction expenditures primarily from internal sources of cash and from sales of securities and other borrowings for the next two years.

We calculate the longitudinal polarization asymmetry, i. Loosely speaking, the W particle is cabl but is this the whole story? After the Acquisition, E.