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Linux kernel versions from 2. Not even with their tech support on the phone.

AXA – ASIX Electronics Corporation

SMB test show approx mpbs. I’m just a noob and I can’t get this to work. The one they replaced it with wouldn’t work under linux or Windows 7 either.

AXB IDs and manufacturer info obtained oinux lsusb. USB Ethernet Adapter won’t work. LINUX driver for kernel up to 4.

[SOLVED] USB Ethernet Adapter won’t work

Results 1 to 6 of 6. Supported by the same driver, but still bulk August update: With older kernels adapter working about 10 minutes without problem, but after that kernel write error message to dmesg and no packet is received.


Tested with and without powered USB hub. Llinux been using the Belkin adapter since 6. USB register states that it draws max. Updates like this one are most welcome here!

All except the first use the asix kernel module; the Digitus DN uses the mcs driver. Works very well on a Raspberry Pi 2 running Raspbian The hardest part was in fact getting the Linux source code required, because the repositores contained the source for the wrong kernel version.

This should be working out of the box in Linux. Thanks for this informative article. May 12th, 2. My intention is to set NFS and i am using beagle board.

Ax88772a linux download

IDs and manufacturer info obtained from lsusb. Works out of the box without any setup.

July 4th, 4. Views Read View source View history. I’ve never done anything even like that.

Apple Store is also really efficient!! Installing AX drivers on Ubuntu Hi Mike, Thanks a lot for giving this information.


RPi USB Ethernet adapters

This adapter works, but it probably requires a bit of work. Needs its own power source. I have several Cisco adapters that I am using with embedded systems and so, from time to time, each system will see different adapters. Originally Posted by unckybob. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

This method ofcourse does not require the Apple USB to Ethernet converter and works well if the right config option is enabled in the target kernel along with the correct ifcfg-usb0 settings on the Host machine.