The eFwu doesn’t seem to even get warm when it’s on, and is completely silent. Will I need some kind of USB 2 – 3 adapter or that’s not an issue? Nov 12, 8: I ‘ve updated the drivers and this hasn’t worked either. View answer in context.

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I though the host would impact the guest but all looks good.

If is only For some reason, AOC chose to put it on the inside wall of the cavity made when you pull out the fold-out stand. S72 In response to Oli. If you can elaborate more on the quirks it would be helpful.

I do have one more complaint — the name. Ask a question Reset.

AOC e1649Fwu Portable USB Monitor: A good match for your MacBook

Once that’s done, making the connection to the eFwu with the cable gives you an instant second monitor. Apple purists will note that the monitor isn’t up to “Apple standards.


Apr 12, 7: Yeah there is some definite problems with Mac OS X. I plugged in the Monitor e16659fwu the USB hub with the external power disconnected. The colour accuracy doesn’t bother me.

DisplayLink macOS Software

So this idea to use a USB monitor helps as it matches the resolution of the Air perfectly. I’ve had the same problem too. But I use windows 7 in a VM, and luckily enough none of that happens.

However installing the driver your mentioned http: If you e1659fqu to have an older Mac with low-power USB ports, you might need to plug both connectors into ports to get sufficient power for the monitor. The big issue for most people is that color calibration isn’t supported with DisplayLink docks at least – don’t know about this monitor in Mac OS.

Installing DisplayLink drivers on a Mac – Plugable

The AOC eFwu portable monitor is good-sized, reasonably priced and incredibly energy efficient. Get the driver from their amc – it works for osx I’m running OS X Mavericks. Otherwise, I have exactly the same case as described.


I am having the same issues with a bad connector. I have it on order, as well as this male-male USB cable: Sat Jul 01, Hi coderdave, I installed version 2. Curious how well they work, and is the software good etc? Overall I love the DisplayLink concept, but it does have it’s drawbacks. Oct 20, Actually it d1659fwu runs in a VM in Windows 7 on the Air.

new AOC external monitor efwu will no… – Apple Community

Jun 25, But still, it’s a very bright display. When I plug in the monitor with one of the usb ports the AOC logo flashes once and then turns off. But thought i’d share just incase.

I already have a USB3-Hub with external power supply.